About Us

Babylon Design believe augmented reality technology is just the beginning stage.

We competently design augmented reality marketing solutions for companies longing to take their business to greater heights. In crafting your graphic design jobs, we only utilize the up to the augmented reality technology to carry out your project. We see to it to give you the latest when it comes to designing tips and techniques and other best means to help you arrive at the zenith of your business success. What’s more is that we understand your special marketing needs and that’s what we’re here for – to get your projects done right, exactly what you want, within your means and right when you need it the most.

Babylon Design Company Limited takes pride to present to you a self-motivated mutually supporting staff with professionals in all aspects of business marketing and augmented reality development. As we expand, we have dedicated to the ideas that established our achievement.

Augmented Reality quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, attracting such clients as Disney, FedEx and GM while creating new uses and business solutions for the rapidly evolving product.

Today, mobile technology is king. And as Valentin Lefevre envisioned a quarter century earlier, Babylon Design Company is developing compelling AR experiences that can fit in a pocket.

We believe that the Augmented Reality will be every smartphone on future.