+AR 南都app 深圳前海巴比伦设计有限公司

Nandu City-ND App +AR Platform


Shenzhen Qianhai Babylon has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with kdnet.net corporation. (Agency Share Transfer System stock code: 832611) to embed the core functions of Shenzhen Qianhai Babylon + AR platform into NDApp, and after several months of efforts, Most of the features are embedded in the NDApp, and the main function of +AR is in addition to the general AR model, and also can play video, and can customize the development of the specified AR effects. More importantly, it can achieve cloud recognition, that is, you can control the contents of the AR in the cloud server and real-time-update, to achieve an installation, once and for all. And  NDApp during this period of time to join the different AR to show. And outstanding slogan the ND are AR vividly on paper, enhance the reality of new experience ; at the same time the South have app and the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts cooperation the fifth “Yangcheng Cup” public service advertising creative contest to AR play More extensive.

+AR 南都app 深圳前海巴比伦设计有限公司


+AR 南都app 深圳前海巴比伦设计有限公司+AR 南都app 深圳前海巴比伦设计有限公司+AR 南都app 深圳前海巴比伦设计有限公司+AR 南都app 深圳前海巴比伦设计有限公司

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